Feeding Education – Why Food Is The Most Important School Supply

Everywhere across the country, we see families and children struggling with food inequality and scarcity. Millions of children go to school without proper nutrition, or any food at all, forcing people to push for things like student food programs in Jacksonville, Fl, and many other communities. Here at Communities in Schools in Jacksonville, we believe that students should always have access to proper nutrition and through our student food programs in Jacksonville, Fl, we work hard to ensure that students in our community are taken care of. In fact, every student that attends our Afterschool programs receives a snack or a dinner during their time with us.

The old adage says that the children are our future, but how are the children supposed to learn and grow on empty stomachs? Years of scientific studies have proven that children are put at a disadvantage, both mentally and physically, if they do not get the proper fuel through a balanced diet. There is a major need for student food programs in Jacksonville, Fl, and just about every other town and city in the country.

Why Is Food So Important?

Beyond the obvious repercussions of any living person not eating, there are real implications on a child’s education if they are not fed properly. There are many negative side effects to being underfed during school, with a lack of energy being the most noticeable. If a young child goes to school empty, they are not going to have the energy to do basic daily tasks, let alone participate in class.

When a child lacks energy and fuel via nutrition, they also lack concentration and mental focus, which is absolutely essential in retaining information. If a child starts their day in this condition, it is going to be a major uphill battle to properly educate them and prepare them for the future.

The Need For Student Food Programs In Jacksonville, Fl

The average American may not be aware of the food inequality crisis going on in their own backyard. While the need for initiatives like our student food programs in Jacksonville, Fl, and surrounding areas was high before, the pandemic pushed that need even higher. With more families than ever struggling to afford basic necessities such as power and rent, of course, the need is going to grow.

Every town and city in the country should be encouraging these types of student food programs, as there is irrefutable evidence that children who have proper nutrition do better in school. Sending a child to school, for both mental and physical activity, without a balanced diet is like trying to start out a road trip with your fuel gauge on empty.

Good Food And Nutrition Makes a Lasting Impact

Here at Communities in Schools in Jacksonville, our student food programs in Jacksonville, Fl, have a lasting impact on our community, allowing students that attend our afterschool program to get dinner or a snack while they are with us. Not only do we ensure thousands of children are well-fed every day at school, but we also show these students that someone cares about them. These children will also learn about proper nutrition at the same time, which will be a major benefit for them as they grow. To find out more about our student food programs in Jacksonville, Fl, be sure to get in touch with our team at Communities in Schools in Jacksonville today. When a child can start their day with a full belly and a smile on their face, the sky is going to be the limit for their potential.

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